The SMC Investments Edge

Unique Investment Solutions - We are completely focused on each client’s individual dreams and offer them customized and independent investment solutions through sophisticated financial strategies.

Strength in Research – Our core strength of disciplined research protocol ensures quality input into the decision-making process. By combining hands-on research and unique investment insight we are able to identify potentially attractive investment opportunities.

Reliable & Trusted Advisor - With an in-depth understanding of the market dynamics, we constantly monitor the investment themes and valuations of various stocks, and advise you to change the investment position when the challenge changes.

Rigorous Risk Management Principles – We have set prudential limits with strict risk management guidelines – this is a part of our operational procedure. Our Investment and Advisory Teams trade ideas, develop ranking tables and construct model portfolios, as part of a rigorous process, to guide the investment advisors in constructing client portfolios.

Our Commitment to Excellence in What We Do For You – Customer-Oriented Solutions

We are a private investment management firm with real performance credentials across our entire product spectrum. That alone might persuade you that we should be talking to one another. But more than that, although we acknowledge the advantages of our superior technology and systems, we still believe in getting to know you face to face. In a deadline-driven world ruled by keyboard and screen, that in itself is a rarity.

We hope to help create wealth for all our clients; to always provide tailor-made plans for every client’s individual needs; to help achieve what they hope for. We hope to be the leading financial services provider in the country; to think of new ways of supporting this nation’s ongoing transformation and of playing a bigger role in the international financial arena. We hope that we can give our clients peace of mind; that we can help save our planet and that we will always be able to empower people.

Our Commitment to Excellence - We firmly believe that every client is unique and thus each plan needs to be unique. By understanding and focusing on each client’s individual needs we seek active investment opportunities which would yield positive absolute returns. Our well-experienced teams’ proven record of managing wealth through varied formats and their powerful insights on risk management help minimize losses during periods of market weakness, seize opportunities in undervalued markets, and maintain focus on sound fundamentals when they may be overvalued. Hands-on research and valuation disciplines, combined with prudent diversification are key elements of our approach to risk management.

Excellence is not just a skill, it is an attitude for our team. Our strong commitment to research sees our analysts focus on valuation techniques, undertake industry observation, track global macro-economic indicators and make frequent company visits to uncover promising opportunities. Our research teams at SMC Investments and Advisors continuously track the market dynamics and liquidity flows to keep abreast of the changes and seek new opportunities to implement the best investment ideas.

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