Our Approach

Our Investment Philosophy

At SMC Investments and Advisors we strive to offer investment & wealth management solutions customized to meet your personal financial aspirations. With traditional values of honesty, diligence and superior ethical behavior we are absolutely focused on being solution-oriented and work closely with you to build your optimal portfolio through our research-intensive bottom-up approach, suitably compensated by the macro-economic data-based top-down decision-making process. We work with a long term investment horizon, taking all risks into consideration.

Quality Private Investments

To recognize quality is to recognize those behind it. Quality clients desire and demand nothing less than the finest quality and excellence from the people they deal with. Our specialized skills and capabilities make us one of the leaders in our industry allowing us to remain sensitive enough to never lose touch with your specific needs and investment objectives. Our robust investment platform is equipped with all the skills, capabilities and systems to develop and provide an extended range of investment solutions, keeping you and your dreams and aspirations at the heart of it.

Our Approach to Investment Advisory

Stage 1: Our Investment Advisor interacts closely with you & your family to understand your financial dreams and aspirations.
Stage 2: Our Investment and Advisory Teams analyze the information to understand your risk profile and expectations.
Stage 3: The teams recommend the optimum asset mix for your wealth preservation and enhancement.
Stage 4: The Chief Investment Officer (CIO) and the Advisory Team review the investments at regular intervals and involve you in developing alternate options, if required.

Our Investment Strategy

With great attention to details we adopt a focused growth at a reasonable price approach, i.e. an optimal combination of value, growth and quality investing, to enhance and preserve your wealth for the long-term, giving you a vantage point for the future. Thus our investment team fully believes in and agrees with Warren Buffett’s views on being fearful when others are greedy and being greedy when others are fearful.

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